2021 Be the Story



"Be the Story is always the highlight of our ministry year. While COVID-19 may change some of the logistics of our event, we are still excited to virtually share some incredible life changing stories.

In March, we'll be releasing a 10-minute video every Sunday at 5pm. You can watch them alone or host a watch with friends! You can also watch every week as they come out, or wait until the last Sunday when all four are released!

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        March 28th - 5:00pm


         March 21st - 5:00pm


         March 7th - 5:00pm


        March 14th - 5:00pm




Thank You, Event Sponsors! 






Paul and Sarah Ludaka
Jason and Kerri Speer
Sid and Dawn Dinsdale
John and Wende Kotouc
Greg and Nancy Thrasher
Loren and Vicki Lamprecht
Dan and Susie Hemphill
Dave and Courtney Perkins
Joe and Arlene Spivey
Glenn and Marty Van Ekeren
Jim and Deb Shemwell
Craig and Shelly Wilkins
Jeremy and Renee Vokt
Eric and Eryn Stevens
Justin and Laura Anderson
Nathan and Nancy Johns
Miles and Tiffany Baum
Dave and Courtney Martin
Tony and Lori Stella
Mike and Diana Lechtenberger
Dustin and Tisha Suess
Mike and Joann Meyer
J.C. and Debbie Gum
Bruce and Brenda Rouse
Pat and Kristin Ricketts
Nathan and Lauren Hannemann
Scott and Dawn Beckler