Youth For Christ

Reaching young people in Omaha

Our Focus

Introducing young people to Jesus at pivotal moments

YFC is a movement that reaches young people everywhere with the hope of Christ. We work with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.

Over 60 Years and counting Serving Greater Omaha

Our pursuit: relational ministry rooted in Christ’s truth. 
His truth about community, empathy, and kingdom-inspired diversity guides our
 work and shapes our communities.

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    Jacob Bland, YFC USA President & CEO

    "This is our pivotal moment to serve the church"

    This is our pivotal moment to serve the church by creatively re-imagining youth ministry yet again. I believe the cultural conditions are right for us to experience the greatest youth revival our generation has ever seen. God has given us the right team to do this—and His hand is clearly on our mission.

    Libby Sanderson, executive director of Indian River YFC

    "The goal was to foster unity"

    The goal was to foster unity, both for the students as well as the parents and the local volunteers… It’s truly amazing to see God work in the lives of the students, and having that dedicated time to pray for this school year and what’s to come was incredibly powerful.

    Alexandra, YFC Denver

    "I didn’t know where God would use that redemption that He has given me"

    I always just kind of knew that was my story, but I didn’t know where God would use that redemption that He has given me through my life. Seeing in real life, the stories of the young people, showed me clearly that I was supposed to be involved to bring life to my story as well as to their story.

    Our Board of Directors

    We're so excited to be able to nurture the lives of young people!

    Our chapter board works diligently to ensure we are leading the ministry in a positive direction to reach young people in our area. This group of well qualified individuals from our community comes alongside our team through counsel, strategy, and accountability.

    Traci Davies

    Board Chair, Stay-at-Home Mom, Former YFC Staff

    Jason Speer

    Treasurer; Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc.

    Bryan Bush

    VP of Operations, City Glass

    Catherine Shada


    Tabitha Thrasher

    Secretary; Owner, Branded by Salt

    Craig Wolf

    RTG Medical

    Our Staff


    Click on image for more information about each staff and ways you can support!

    Jason Currie

    Executive Director

    Alyssa Lane

    Gretna Campus Life Staff

    Amanda Dittmar

    Communications Coordinator

    Amber Peterson

    Gretna East Campus Life Director

    Amy Turpen

    Executive Leadership Team, Development Director

    Annette Woodhead

    Parent Life Director

    Ben Norvig

    Community Engagement Coordinator

    Brandi Goeser

    Executive Leadership Team & Elkhorn South Campus Life Director

    Brian Pruch

    Executive Leadership Team, Ministry Director

    Briar Cochran

    Millard North Campus Life Director

    Britney Scheetz

    Bennington Campus Life Staff

    Christy Croom

    Events Coordinator & Community Engagement

    Caleb Kluender

    Millard West Campus Life Director

    Chad Cartwright

    Millard South Campus Life Director

    Collier Buttgen

    Gretna Campus Life Director

    Dawn Lewis

    Glenwood Campus Life Staff

    Darrin Kimpson

    Papillion South Campus Life Director

    Delaney Hardies

    Camp Intern

    Derek Eisan

    Executive Leadership Team, Operations Director

    Ed "Tank" King

    Omaha Northwest Campus Life Director

    Evan Douglas

    DC West Campus Life Coordinator

    Gina Carlson

    Parent Life Staff

    Gina Lindsey

    Bennington Campus Life Staff

    Halie Willard

    Ministry Director Assistant

    Heidi Eisan

    Millard South Campus Life Staff

    Hope Link

    Ministry Site Director

    Jake Chantry

    Papillion-La Vista High Campus Life Director

    Jared Stewart

    Platteview Campus Life Staff

    Jarell Roach

    Community Engagement

    Jayda Pearrow

    Leaders In Training (LIT) Intern

    Jean Clayton

    Executive Director Assistant

    Jeremiah Johnson

    Bennington Campus Life Director

    Jessie Onatolu

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Jordan Zepnak

    Elkhorn High Campus Life Director

    Justice Marion

    Operations Assistant

    Justin Mohrmann

    Westside Campus Life Director

    Justine Atteberry

    Ministry Site Director

    Karly Ridder

    Private Schools Director

    Kate Jarzynka

    Leaders In Training (LIT) Intern

    Kim Schiemann

    Community Engagement & Millard West Campus Life

    Kinsli Buttgen

    Media & Gretna Campus Life

    Leah Badeer

    Elkhorn North Campus Life Staff

    Levi Cross

    Gretna Campus Life Director

    Lexie Zimmer

    Leaders In Training (LIT) Intern

    Miles Busby

    OPS Westview Campus Life Director

    Rebecca Rooker

    Ministry Site Director

    Ryan Martinez

    Bellevue Campus Life Director

    Samantha Meline

    Platteview Campus Life Coordinator

    Sara Jane Thomsen

    Community Engagement

    Sara Pruch

    Staff Development

    Sarah Broermann

    Elkhorn North Campus Life Staff

    Steven Eppenbaugh

    Burke Campus Life Director

    Sue Kennedy

    Parent Life Staff

    Susie Diercks

    Staff Development

    Tucker Dobson

    Glenwood Campus Life Director

    Theresa Anderson

    Papillion-La Vista Campus Life Staff

    Victoria Bashara

    Summer Intern

    Zach Willet

    Elkhorn North Campus Life Director


    Building Authentic Relationships

    Featured Story

    Building Authentic Relationships

    For YFC, the fragmented school year failed to slow down its mission of connecting with local young people. YFC was active throughout the summer, holding movie nights, summer camps, and other youth events. These events, while great for having fun and meeting local youth, have a more eternal purpose. Each creating doorways for an authentic Christ-sharing relationship.

    Our Response to Covid

    Socially distant, spiritually together.

    There's no way around it, the ongoing pandemic has continued to shift ministry and serving the next generation in a variety of ways. Throughout this time we have continued to push God's kingdom further in creative ways. From virtual group meetings to outdoor events, we are committed to ministering to young people safely and intentionally.

    YFC USA & YFC International

    A global movement to uncover God's Story in the next generation

    As a ministry of YFC USA we are dedicated to acting as a local extension of the work being done nationally. We actively work to create engaging experiences for youth in our area.

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