Leave a legacy

Almost 70% of adults in America lack a valid will or estate plan. We want to help our Giving Partners have these important documents in place. It can be uncomfortable to think of planning for the end of our lives, but for many it brings confidence and peace. Many people are hesitant or uncertain to take the first steps, so we want to provide help and support!

As a thank you to our Giving Partners, Greater Omaha Youth for Christ has partnered with Legacy Giving Coach, Tom Aakhus, to help you design a blueprint for your estate – a plan for both living well and leaving well. Tom presents a biblical perspective for estate planning and legacy giving and can help you consider tools available for personal, charitable, and business estate planning that help you avoid probate and minimize tax burden. In addition, you have an opportunity to create a legal will and several other estate planning documents with Tom’s guidance through FreeWill, a will writing website that has partnered with over 1,500 nonprofits and businesses.  

This opportunity is not tied to a fundraising event and there is no agenda. It is FREE to our Giving Partners (both young and young-at-heart) and is designed to help you produce a plan to protect your loved ones while focusing on life-long stewardship of your resources – managing your income, your estates, and writing your legacy story as a thoughtful follower of Jesus. 


Through your faithful giving, YOU are making a difference here and now. You are supporting a generation of young people building their own legacy stories centered on foundational growth through the ultimate legacy story of Jesus Christ. We invite you to contact us for additional information and learn how to impact your legacy story, and the legacy stories of generations to come! 


Sign-up below if you would like more information from the Legacy team. Or email us directly at legacy@goyfc.org