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Elkhorn North Campus Life


Campus Life, a program of Youth for Christ, is a program that seeks to help EVERY kid in our community. Weekly programs provide a place where students can be themselves, fit in, and have fun! We talk about things that are relevant to teens wherever they are in life and give them a chance to be heard, talk about what is going on in their lives, and provide a caring adult mentor who is ready to listen. We take over 200+ kids to YFC Camp in the summer, which always proves to be the best week of the year! Click Here if you would love to support this area!


Ministry Sites:

Elkhorn North High School | Director, Zach Willet | 402-770-1313

Grandview Middle School | Site Director, Leah Badeer | 402-499-9477

North Ridge Middle School | Site Director, Sarah Broermann | 402-660-7835


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